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Our Toddler Classes

Our nature is to nurture because children are our first priority
The infant child care classroom at the Harvest School in Stone Mountain, Georgia is comprised of children ages six weeks to twelve months. At this stage, we use the Creative Curriculum to help our children meet and exceed the recommended cognitive, language, social, and physical developmental milestones. Our infant classes go beyond normal child and day care services to provide an enrinching growth environment.

Cognitive activities include but are not limited to the ability of our children to anticipate events, find hidden objects, point to body parts, grouping similar toys, and waving goodbye. Similarly, the language milestones reflect our children’s ability to understand and respond appropriately to specific words, speak a few recognizable words, take turns in making sounds to promote conversation, and gesturing while communicating. Physically, this group will learn to stand up and walk, sit without support, transfer toys from hand to hand, and develop eye-hand coordination.

We know that this period in a child’s life is the foundation of the progress they will make in later years. Thus, we have designed both the school’s physical space as well as the infant programming around this fundamental need. Specifically, the first thing that visitors observe is the larger-than-industry-standard room size allocated to the infants, allowing for ample exploration activities. Harvest does not use swings with our infants; rather, we prefer to encourage movement and the development of their coordination.

Infant Child and Day Care Classes in Stone Mountain, Georgia 30087

We believe that every child deserves:

  • Engagement with age-appropriate toys
  • Sign language
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Individual schedules for each infant
  • Encouragement to experience and enjoy the outdoors