Preschool Classes

Preschool Classes at the The Harvest Child and Day Care School in Stone Mountain Georgia
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The Preschool class at the Harvest School in Stone Mountain, Georgia is for our sprouting three-year-olds. Our classes go beyond normal child and day care services to provide an enrinching growth environment. Our pre-school children have become comfortable with testing their independence in the Early Preschool class, and are more focused on engaging and sharing with one another. 

These behaviors are strengthened by the Macmillan Math and Pinnacle curricula, as well as writing activities, reading activities, and verbally sharing their thoughts with classmates during morning circle.

The developmental milestones and learning objectives for our three-year-olds include cognitive, language, social, logical, gross motor and fine motor skills. Examples of learned behaviors include concentrating for longer periods of time, thinking about the consequences of actions, following two-step directions, expressing one’s feelings, playing fairly and taking turns, recognizing patterns, counting over 10, writing one’s first name, synchronizing movement to rhythm and music, and running with control over direction and speed. In addition to these skills, Spanish lessons are intensified; enrichment activities like cooking, science, planting, and others are experienced more frequently; listening and following directions is a focal point; and in-house field trips begin. While many other activities accompany the Preschool program, it is best remembered as the year when Harvest children beginning leveraging their cognitive development as well as their social skills to engage one another and the community around them.