2730 North Deshon Road
Stone Mountain, Georgia 30087


Preschool Classes at the The Harvest Child and Day Care School in Stone Mountain Georgia

Planting seeds in an enriching environment
The Early Preschool class at The Harvest School in Stone Mountain, Georgia consists of our All-American two-year-olds. Members of this class have become comfortable in their independence, and are ready to own their discovery and learning experiences. Our classes go beyond normal child and day care services to provide an enrinching growth environment. The class is led by seasoned Harvest teachers, and supported by caring and attentive staff.

The Creative Curriculum for two-year-olds serves as the fundamental educational tool to aid our children in meeting and exceeding the federally mandated developmental milestones. These milestones are divided into four key areas: cognitive, language, social/emotional, and physical.

The cognitive development milestones help children understand size, time sequences, and matching shapes and colors, in addition to a number of other productive skill sets. Our two-year-olds learn to combine words to form short sentences, use plurals, and answer routine questions aligned with the language milestones. Social and physical milestones and accomplishments include having a strong sense of ownership, walking backwards, and balancing on one foot.

This group enjoys a more structured day than the infants and the toddlers. A critical skill that is taught and reinforced during this class is potty training. It also tends to be among our parent’s favorites as well! In addition to this life skill, the early preschool children strengthen their letter, number, color, and shape recognition. They participate in enrichment activities like cooking, science, and vocabulary building. They begin to participate more actively in engagement activities with one another including outdoor play in four separate, gated playgrounds.