2730 North Deshon Road
Stone Mountain, Georgia 30087

Our Mission

The Harvest School is a premier child care program and school in Stone Mountain Georgia that focuses on nurturing and nourishing children in a familial environment Our mission is to encourage the development of educated, conscientious, well-rounded future leaders.

We plant the seeds of intellectual curiosity, essential decision-making skills, and outreach to others. We utilize a variety of tools to help accomplish our mission. The Harvest tools are organized around our philosophy to deliver a structured, results-oriented outcome.

Child and Day Care in Stone Mountain, Georgia 30087

Our philosophy is grounded in an integrated 3-E Model : ENLIGHTENING : ENRICHING : ENGAGING

We believe that every child deserves:

  • To be enlightened by both the fundamental curriculum and supplemental learning activities to help them make good decisions
  • To be enriched by learning their unique value in a supportive and loving family environment
  • To engage in community-focused activities for the benefit of others

The 3-E Model combines all three learning goals into a holistic experience for the child and the entire family. Enlightenment at The Harvest School means a top-notch education built on a leading, age-appropriate curriculum as well as critical enrichment and engagement programming. Some of our tools for enlightening children include the Creative, Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, and Early Reader curricula. We adapt the lesson plans as needed to address each child’s unique learning style. Enrichment tools including sensory exploration, Spanish, creative arts, sports, music-&-movement, and others help children comprehend considerably more than the core development milestones. Similarly, our engaging tools like Adopt-A-Grandparent, our Can-a-thon, and others are a means of teaching children how to work and play well together while having a positive impact on the community.